Welcome aboard.

A little introductory about myself for the lucky ones who don't know me..
I'm Tia. I have lived in North Mississippi most of my life.  I live a simple, dull, exciting, fun, and adventurous (all rolled into one) lifestyle.

It was hard for me to come up with a title for this blog because I have a feeling this blog will be about everything. I'm sure I'll write about wrestling, my dogs, and things happening in the North Mississippi area.
I run a website called We get visitors from so many different countries. It is an honor to be apart of this website. I have been very blessed to be around the wrestling world. I have been around the business since I was in diapers. I have been a wrestling photographer since I was 12.
My dogs are my kids! I just think they are the cutest things that ever walked the earth.  I have three. 
I love to travel. I love road trips. 

I will write more next time. Hope you will return. :)

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